Roger R. Pearman is the founder or co-founder of several companies:



His release of the Pearman Personality Integrator™ through Multi-Health Systems, Inc represents the work of 30 years exploring the role of personality and effectiveness.  Of special note with this tool, is the wholistic approach to individual differences and role of flexibility for health and well-being.  The Pearman FlexIndex™provides important insights into the dimensions of flexibility and how to enrich them.  Read about the development of the Pearman and publisher activities.


He is the author of books, articles, and numerous publications on personality, leadership, and performance effectiveness.  He released an award winning multi-rater tool suite: Type 360, Leader Agility 360, and the Effectiveness Combined Report (  A suite of group rater tools are available that are designed to allow groups to measure their culture around marketing, strategic thinking, overall business, and group decision making (


Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. (  is a management consulting, coaching, and training company.  This company seeks to align organizational strategy and employee competencies.  Consulting activities evaluate the current capacity of the management staff to meet the demands created by the organization?s primary market strategy. Don't miss the bookstore with very targeted leader development materials.


Roger created three multi-rater tools:  People Skills 360TYPE 360, and Leader Agility 360.  Each tool is designed to meet different learning needs.


TalentTelligent,LLC ( is the developer of a comprehensive talent management suite of tools and services.  Research-driven and experience-tested tools are designed to transform individual and organizational effectiveness. The KSA suite of assessments, development guides, and supporting materials are available.  The Knowledge, SKills, and Attributes for Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors and High Potentials are covered with the assessments and supporting materials from this site.


Roger uses the assessment standards endorsed by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) when engaged in assessment for readiness and placement processes.  Inherent in this process is the use of valid assessments, structured and systematic interviews, and multiple observations of the individuals involved. 


Roger began researching psychological type using the MBTI® assessment in the early 80's.  With an eventual collaborative relationship with the Center for Creative Leadership (, Roger used the CCL database to aid his research that lead to the following books and training materials:

  • I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You
  • Hardwired Leadership
  • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness
  • Leadership Advantage
  • Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence
  • YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type
  • Personality Style for Dummies (
  • People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotions and Health, Emotions and Leadership, and Understanding Emotions Booklets


Visit our bookstore to purchase these and other EQ and Leadership offerings.


Roger was awarded Alumni of the Year by the Graduate School of Wake Forest University.  Roger's research was honored with the Isabel Myers Memorial Research Award.  As part of his commitment to the appropriate use of psychological type, Roger served as President of the International Association for Psychological Type, Conference Chair, and association representative to the international test users association.  The Association honored Roger with the Mary McCaulley Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sharing observations and insights about leadership development through various media, Roger is a writer for  He writes occasional articles for the Bulletin and various business newsletters.  His most popular topics have been (

Leadership as Micro-interactions


Roger's clients have come from government and business.  Recently he has worked with:


Government and Related Entities

Department of Homeland Security

Centers for Disease Control

Department of Defense

United Nations



US Army

US Navy

State of New York

State of Ohio

State of South Carolina





Banner Pharma

VF Corporation





Dex One

AXA Financial

Analog Devices


Marriott Corporation


His first professional role was at his Alma Mata, Wake Forest University, where he was the founding director of the Learning Assistance Program.  While completing his doctoral program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he was the Assistant Director of the Lifespan Center at Salem College.  After completing post-doctoral studies in attention, cognitive processes, and organizational development, Roger took a position as Vice President with Key Risk Management Services, Inc., a financial services company.  He became a senior adjunct faculty and coach for the Center for Creative Leadership in 1986.  After leaving his corporate role, he opened Leadership Performance Systems, Inc.

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