Leadership development

The Pearman Personality Indicator®

The Pearman Personality Integrator has over 1,000,000 unique profiles of personality type, setting a new standard for assessing personality. With an innovative assessment experience coupled with a deeper look into the individuality of personality type, the Pearman provides a measure of personality in one's natural state (i.e., what is most comfortable) and in one's everyday environment (i.e., what is most often demonstrated). It also explores any disconnects your clients have by providing insight into their level of flexibility, agility, and resiliency.


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Explore the industry-disruptive, research-driven, and experience-tested talent management approach for Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors, High Potentials, and Teams.


TalentTelligent has designed and delivers consulting, training, coaching, models, tools, resources and support to both meet you where you are, and to support your professional growth and development as you take your or your client’s organization to new heights. Learn more at our site.


Leadership Performance Systems, Inc

We are about you. Our goal is to increase your individual effectiveness and organizational performance. The competencies that move individuals from “so-so” performance to “outstanding” can be identified and learned.

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Learning agile leaders take the initiative to find out how to enhance their effectiveness through the use of our People Skills 360 reports and interpretation services.


You may select from the 54 EQ Competencies on which you want ratings

We will manage your individual experience and provide an interpretation of your result.  Visit our site to learn more.




Type 360® and Leader Agility 360

Type 360® provides you with extensive information on how the boss, superior, peers, direct reports, and others view your effectiveness in using your personality type.


Leader Agility 360™ provides you with extensive information on how the boss, superior, peers, direct reports and others view your effectiveness in eight specific leadership dimensions covering learning agility to managing complexity and change.  Visit our site to learn more.




Business Smarts Suite®

You can take control of your organizational performance by having a deep understanding of the mission critical dimensions of performance. The Business Smarts Suite provides for assessing key aspects of the business. with these assessments you can begin to discover the strengths and weaknesses within your organization that impact your results. The Business Smarts Consulting system involves discovery, analysis, development of a plan, implementation, and driving results.   Visit our site to learn more.




Matrix Insights ®

Meet Matrix Insights and the EQ Dashboard which uniquely integrates online tools, resources, and practical action tips that deliver a personalized experience to improve your people skills.


Research consistently shows the importance of emotional intelligence for individual and team success.


EQ, or Emotional Quotient, reflects your ability to influence others, deal with conflict, build relationships, manage stress, and much more. Developing EQ competencies directly impacts your ability to achieve personal and team objectives.


* Research by Harvard, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford show that 85% of job success is derived from well developed people (soft) skills and 15% from technical (hard) skills and knowledge.   Visit our site to learn more.